Is there that which is ever-living?

Everything that is born will die. 

Everything that is created will wither or be destroyed. 

Is there that which is ever-living, untouched by death? 

Is there that which is the creation itself? 

Everything you think about it, believe in, know of, is in distance from the answer. 

Maybe the answer is not in a form of confirmation or knowledge. 

Maybe the answer is the sincerity of the question. 

Is this important for you more than yourself, 

to question if there is that which is untouched by death and can never be destroyed? 

And not to be satisfied with an answer, be it proven, certified, ancient, original, anything. 

Is it important for you to question? 

Or are you comfortable in accepting death and destruction as the ground of life? 

As the nature of living? 

Is there life itself, unknown, unnamed? 

Is there creation, untouched by that which is created? 

Is there a capacity within yourself to question that in such a sincerity 

that denies any form of an answer given by someone or by yourself? 

Can this question be asked by anything other than life itself, creation itself?

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