Who is asking? Who is answering?

The body moves, but is it guided by will or does it have a will of itself, of its own?

I don’t know. It doesn’t end there, because I care, not care to know, care not to distort what is as it is. 

So the question is there, who is walking barefoot at the hill in the forest in circles? 

The body is walking. Is it guided by will? Is it a pre-programmed journey, the circles, the steps? 

I don’t know.

Do I need to know to find the answer? 

Or maybe the answer flowers in not knowing. 

The steps in themselves, what are they? 

Is this a walk towards something? Is there a progress? 

The movement is there, the steps are there. 

What are the steps other than the movement of the body? 

Are they the manifestation of a will? Is it my will? Is it free will? 

Does this will exist prior to the steps? 

Or are the steps the manifestation of the will which is not known? 

Who is saying all that? Who is asking? Who is answering? 

The me is there. “I am here”, it says. I say. Is it that? I don’t know. 

The question is there because that which I know do not appear as a holistic knowledge or a living knowledge. 

There are small questions, shallow curiosity, philosophy. None of that is interesting. 

The question of existence cannot be put to words. It’s before the words. 

Surely it’s before the known. It is real. You see it when you walk without a plan. 

And because of that question you are committed beyond reason. 

It’s the beauty of the question and the way it points you to that which is not known. 

That beauty brings commitment that exceeds reason or calculation or justification. 

And the steps which continues to meet the very soft ground, somewhat cold, are committed too. 

They too are part of that question. 

And the question fills the air, not with content, with the perfume of space, with the freshness of not knowing. 

And in that there is a very calm questioning that nothing push, nothing demands, urge. 

The questioning is very calm. It’s somewhat quiet. 

But not in a predicted way. 

In a way that cannot be known. And you are there. With all that, you are there.

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