Always today

Before the piano, there exists no desire, need, or intent to replay familiar tunes or imagined melodies. There’s an infinite yearning to encounter the blank canvas, the silence, unburdened by any preconceived ideas or memories. The striking of the first key signals the onset of the flow. The focus shifts to understanding the essence of that sound, far beyond just recognizing the note. Knowledge of the note becomes irrelevant, as this understanding itself becomes the flow, leading to more sounds. Guided solely by a heightened sense of alertness, one continually turns away from control, intention, interpretation, likes and dislikes. Embracing the unknown, flowing, encountering beauty in its purest form. The output may or may not be pleasing, but in that moment, the flow reveals itself – not through words or sounds, but as the flow itself, coming into existence.

From this state of flow, the day unfolds naturally – eating, organizing, living. The journey continues to a café for work, a routine yet always unique. Along the way, passing trees and streets, the camera becomes an extension of this dance, spontaneously capturing the beauty around. There’s an awareness of the snow beginning to fall, feeling its freshness, appreciating the beauty of a ‘non-exhausted’ routine that’s familiar yet always new. And then, arriving at the café.

Amidst savoring the espresso, the ritual of downloading photos begins, each sip enhancing the appreciation of taste. As the images materialize, a natural flow of editing takes over. Without any preconceived plan or structure, about ten photos are refined. Then, as if by a natural progression, writing commences. Each photo becomes the muse for spontaneous writing, which is then translated and posted.

After hours of this seamless flow, numerous creations are born, each fresh and new. To the creator, these works appear as if seen for the first time; to the composer, as if heard for the first time. This sense of anonymity within the creation process brings an undeniable joy to the heart.

And now, the present moment, where all these experiences are gathered and shared for you to read. Who are you, the reader? Who am I, the writer? What is this flow we speak of? These are questions not seeking verbal answers but unfolding in their own right, bringing clarity to the art of remaining open and unknowing. In this state, we encounter freshness, sensitivity, and beauty, mirroring the effortless grace of wildflowers in a field.

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