The essence is inner freedom that leads to happiness

FCF Founder

Distinctively self-taught, Amihai Loven has forged a unique path that spans from managing ground-breaking research projects in prestigious universities to founding and managing a technology-leading company. His tenure at Mantis Vision, spanning a decade, was marked by innovative leadership and dedicated pursuit of pushing boundaries. This chapter of his professional journey culminated in successfully establishing the company as an industry leader.

Venturing beyond the conventional, his personal mission has always revolved around exploring the depths of human consciousness, with a particular emphasis on creativity, free flow, and self-awareness. This pursuit led him to transition from the tech industry to a more introspective exploration of the inner space. Through rigorous self-learning, he met his capacity to allow the free creative flow in his daily life, which, to him, is the key to genuine, personal and global innovation.

FCF Mission

Free Creative Flow (FCF) is a transformative language—one that extends beyond words and traditional forms of communication. This language can manifest as an inner dialogue with oneself or as a shared experience among individuals and groups. Rooted in the exploration of the unknown, FCF challenges us to embrace uncertainty as a catalyst for creativity. Unlike other languages bound by the limitations of known concepts, FCF beckons us to transcend conventional thought.

Our mission is to usher both individuals and communities into this expansive realm. We aim to create environments that cultivate FCF, unlocking unprecedented avenues for creativity and human potential in a world increasingly shaped by AI.

To dive deeper into this transformative experience, explore our thought-provoking blogs and our LearnFCF section. Remember, the true essence of FCF is best captured through self-guided exploration.

Flow that reveals its beauty in “Mistakes”

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