Eternal Blank: Free Creative Flow’s key Lesson

Mastering the Unmarked Canvas in Spontaneous living


In this final article in the Free Creative Flow (FCF) training series, we mention the practice of free brush strokes, a simple yet profound expression of this unstructured approach to creativity. Here, as with our previous practices, the initial barrier is the overwhelming purity of the white page, the unknown path that your hand will trace.

Yet the beauty of free brush strokes lies in this unknowing, in the movement that arises from stillness, without intent or aim. Each stroke is a departure from the white page’s absolute purity, a mark that, however insignificant, alters the canvas forever. 

The highest form of this practice, we may say, is an invisible stroke in the air, one that leaves no trace.

This is the essence of Free Creative Flow – an artistic and life practice that is not about leaving marks or pursuing purpose, but about allowing life to unfold naturally. The drive to make a mark, to shape our path with certainty and direction, can become a barrier to the spontaneous flow of life.

Thus, after nine articles on FCF’s background and eight on its practice, we arrive at the core insight: 

You can never truly ‘know’ Free Creative Flow. 

Instead, you have to step into it, meet its challenge in your daily life, or it remains an abstract concept forever beyond your grasp. And the only time to take this step is now.

Our shared challenge, yours and mine, is to convey this truth in such a way that it sparks the flame of FCF’s actuality in you. It’s a personal challenge, a societal challenge, a universal human challenge, as we begin to recognize the distortions created by a world driven by the mind-made and knowledge-bound, rather than by a free flow from the untouched spring of creativity.

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