What is true responsibility

What is responsibility, really? What are you responsible for? 

Are you responsible to yourself, your actions, your behavior, your relations? Are you responsible to people that are close to you? Maybe to your country, maybe to the environment? 

And is it true that all these responsibilities have to do with you? Essentially you are responsible to yourself and anything that is associated with that self. Is it true? 

Are you responsible to anything which is not yourself or related to yourself? Not theoretically, really, in your life. 

If you would say that you are responsible for the environment, isn’t it because you are worried that, for example, polluted environment will impact you and people you care about? 

Is there responsibility without self-interest? You may wonder why this is important. And the answer that I would suggest is that responsibility and care and ultimately love is the same thing, not related to one another, but the same thing. 

What do you care about? 

Look at it and tell yourself the truth, the actual truth, what do I care about? And as you go one by one, you ask, do I care to anything which is not myself or related to me? 

And if you do it, not accept or listen to it or play with it in your mind, but really seriously inquire within yourself and see what is the truth. You may see that you care to yourself and nothing else. 

And that ‘yourself’ is the self that you know, the notion, the identity, the feeling of me, of my. 

And obviously that is a very limited scope. And anything that is not known, essentially the unknown, can there be care to the unknown?

Or you just dismiss it because you don’t know it and you cannot know it. Is it possible that deep and sincere care to the unknown comes from the unknown and leads to the unknown and reveal, teach the manifestation of the fountain of universal care?

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