Reflecting on What Holds Inner Freedom Back

Before you invent a concept of life that you want to live, which may be totally imagined, unreal,you have to examine the life that you live, the way you go through your day, through your years, the things you do, your interactions, your movement in life, and especially what in this life that you live prevents you from being free and happy. 

And quickly you will see that these are attachments, attachment to objects, conditions, attachments to people, individuals or groups, attachments to ideas, opinions, and most of all, attachment to attachment. 

You feel a sense of relation, a sense of being found, knowing where you are when you are attached. 

You can mark to yourself the “gravity of life”, where are you? You can define, give meaning to situations in life by highlighting the anchors, the attachments in them. 

I really hope that you can see the paradox in that, and how in your own hands and ignorance you sell the true asset, the true abundant asset that is given to you, which is your inner freedom, your total openness, your capacity to be empty from any conditions and limitations that are created by those attachments. 

And all this is sold for fake security. And because I mention ‘being sold’, I want to mention money. It’s worth talking about money at the social level, at the behavioral level, how we behave and how society, what place it gives to money. 

But it’s not related to the point that I want to make now. What I want to say is that in your self-observation, inquiry, exploration, meditation, money is probably one of the most important and efficient and trusted ways to expose exactly how you walk away from freedom. 

Because whenever your decision and your path, your choices, your actions are guided or influenced by the capacity of creating money, of accumulating and holding and maximizing the benefits that money can give you, surely and immediately you can see where you give up on freedom. 

So does it mean that a poor man is free and someone with a lot of money is not? Of course not. This is an inner state of mind that we are talking about and not bank account status. 

But if you have real interest in navigating your life in freedom, in a flow that has to do with truth, with the essence of life itself, and in that to find real livelihood, real aliveness, real beauty, indicating what takes you away from freedom is the only thing that you can do. 

How else would you bring awareness to meet the truth in your daily living? 

One of the most absurd things I came to see is how people that are considered very serious people, very educated, very self-aware, invest at some point in their life enormous amount of money to buy inner freedom in various well-being and so-called spiritual programs and others. 

And seeing it, cannot let one stay indifferent with regard to pointing the vanity in the direct relation between inner freedom, conditioning, security and money. 

It’s one movement. You go to one side, you walk away from the other side. 

If you will look in your life, it takes some courage, and see the truth of it in your life, it may be priceless.

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