The Missing Link in Sustainable Future

Can there be holistic innovation? 

Can there be innovation that is purely for the sake of innovation, 

bringing the new to be, without exploitation, without power games, without all the twists of corrupting structures that limit the potential of true innovation? 

I don’t know your background, I don’t know your experience, and I don’t know how much you look at that with open eyes. 

To me, the lesson in this life, given many, many years in innovation fields, is that innovation within a power structure will inevitably lead to exploitation. 

And the world we look at today is a very exploited world, and the innovation that comes to be in the world today, whatever field you want to look at, is very, very small in proportion to the potential capacity of innovation that could come to be in a holistic way. 

I leave it as that, you may question it, maybe in the future we’ll expand to it, about it, but I want to talk about the nature of the mind with regard to holistic innovation. 

A mind that is driven by the notion of more, will always touch innovation inside power control games, will always drive the innovation to the course that maximizes power creation, maintenance and increase, and will be blind to the price that is being imposed over that which cannot benefit from this power. 

This is a fact, I met it endless times in various levels of the value chain of innovation. 

Whereas a mind of a true innovator, which is so rare to find, will be driven by a wondrous, mysterious force of the innovation itself. 

When a true innovator, and I’m avoiding the word scientist because very few scientists are innovators, when a true innovator meets a real limitation and try to innovate a solution or a whole paradigm shift to that limitation, that problem, his mind, her mind is totally fueled by the passion to meet the creation of the new from the ground of unknown. 

You cannot buy these people with money, you cannot influence on their innovation, innovative process by basically seducing them to choose a path that is not purely innovative. But that’s why they are so few. 

And not only they are so few, they don’t have a place in today’s world. And even more than that, they don’t know, most of them, that they are. 

You look at young people, those that have the potential to be true innovators have no indication from the society, the environment around them, or even in the world, that this natural flow of creative, innovative, new can be a mean to life. 

So they push it aside, they learn to control it, and then it’s not innovation. 

So the mind that is naturally open to holistic innovation, to innovation that is the fuel of itself and that is never caught within this power game that leads to abuse, that leads to twist and corruption, never. It’s a mind that is soaked with unknown. 

It’s a mind that naturally move toward the black holes of, call it consciousness, call it the field of knowledge, call it whatever way you want, but a mind that is naturally intrigued by the vastness of problems that has no solution. 

And just the openness to those vast mysteries of unknown is the food for innovation. For that mind, holistic innovation is not something that need to be explained or even pointed. 

There cannot be any other innovation. 

And the world we live in, in the absence of holistic innovation, is not sustainable. 

I cannot put my finger on time, but it’s not sustainable.

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