Meeting the Immediacy of Now

To me, that which is in a distance, meaning not in the now, that which is not the now must be an idea, cannot be real. 

And the question is how to realize, in the sense fully appreciate, fully live that which is now. 

And I feel it’s a totally different question than how to come upon something which is essentially, in a virtual future, a concept, an idea at best, if not a total illusion. 

So there you are, there I am, it is same here and now, before the concept is created and takes shape, before the direction is set and effort is trying to make fruits of that direction, before all that, here you are. 

Somehow it’s not enough, this is the feeling. 

It feels very shallow, artificial, conditioned, not stable, altogether unreal. 

And the question of the real is here and now too. 

Can we meet that question here and now, where it is? 

It is not asked in the future, it couldn’t be asked in the past, this is the question of now. 

Is now real? To me it is. 

To you it’s really up to what you want. 

There is a lot of comfort in believing that the now can lead to future reality, future realization, future anything. 

So the gap between now as it is and the reality of now, as well as the full realization of now, the appreciation of now, is the question. 

It can only be asked now, it can never be extended into a future concept, a guess, an idea, or anything which is not now. 

And the only thing I feel worth pointing is the capacity of this question. 

Is it asked as if nothing is more urgent and demanding?

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