Free Creative Flow (FCF) Training 2-8

Unleashing Free Creative Flow (FCF)

Fostering Awareness Over Results


As we delve into the concept of practicing Free Creative Flow (FCF), it’s crucial to frame ‘practice’ within an apt context. 

Ordinarily, practice implies a drive towards achieving results. However, in the realm of FCF, the practice doesn’t aim to attain a result separate from FCF; instead, it’s an invitation for FCF to reveal itself.

In other words, practicing FCF is not about working towards an outcome, but providing an opportunity for FCF to arise and present itself. The essence IS the FREE-Creative-Flow, not the result. In this fertile ground of unrestricted creativity, we become learners, drawing insights directly from the flow itself.

So, what does training or practice in the context of FCF look like? 

The core of such training is centered around fostering awareness of anything that may obstruct the free flow. This includes identifying elements that block, distort, or interfere with the flow, hindering it from being truly ‘free.’ Labeling the flow as ‘useful,’ ‘purposeful,’ ‘valuable,’ or judging it as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ all stand in opposition to the true nature of Free Creative Flow.

A practitioner of FCF, therefore, is someone who remains conscious and vigilant in the presence of Free Creative Flow. They observe, allow, and most importantly, learn from it.

In our forthcoming articles, we will explore specific challenges that an FCF practitioner may encounter. However, irrespective of the challenge, there remains one unifying principle: maintaining an awareness of these challenges and allowing the Free Creative Flow to instruct us without expectation, to bloom without a trace of ownership.

Stay tuned for further insights in this FCF-Training series.

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