The unbridgeable gap between desires and free will

What do you want? Are you familiar with this question? If it’s asked by someone else, it must trigger a direct question that you ask yourself, ‘what do I want?’

I assume you asked yourself this question in various times for various reasons, but the pointing here is,

 look at that question, what do I want? It assumes that that which you want can be added upon that which is, or deviate from that which is, 

and this is the movement of desire, this is the movement of attachment, of bondage. It’s not even remotely related to the question of will.

You better off ask, if that’s your question, what do I desire? And then the question becomes very clear, you can look within yourself and see, you want this, you want to become that, you want to avoid this, you want to have that… 

But if you look more closely, ‘what do I want?’

And if you understand the nature of desire to be bondage, away from free, the question may evolve to, ‘what is my free will?’

Not my temporal, limiting desire. 

As you look into the question, what is my free will, it’s not hard to see that ‘my’ and ‘free’ cannot co-exist. The question has a fault in it, it’s not a clear question, it’s a typical invention of the mind, you can see it. 

And the actual question is, ‘what is the free will?’

If you ask yourself this question, not theoretically, not because you play a game, but you closely watch the movement of will within you, and one by one you remove the fake, the contradicting, the limiting, and stay with that which stands by itself. 

When the question evolves to, ‘what is the free will?’, there is no ‘me’ or ‘my’ to know. So the question brought you, the I, to the edge of yourself, to the cliff of the mind. 

You cannot suggest answers to this question. If you knew, you wouldn’t ask, and if you ask, you can only meet it without knowing. 

And that’s where the few that met that question truly, with sincerity, let go of it, meaning give up, because the habit is to meet a question with at least idea, if not knowledge. 

So they either go to a book that talks about free will, or they ask the advice of someone that they take to know the nature of free will, but very rarely they stay with the question without knowing. 

If they do, the will which is free, will reveal itself to itself. 

The question, what is the free will, will encode itself, will be presenting the content of it as the answer. 

Free will is!

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